The university logo incorporates The Thinker and uses the slogan Empowerment Through Education.

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Long Range Vision and Strategic Goals

Our vision is to establish a private University in Bié Province, Angola. The mission of the University will be to build Angola’s future through excellent education and research. The University will be committed to promoting economic development and self-reliance, improving education and advancing human rights.

Our goal is to increase the accessibility of higher education in Bié province for all and throughout Angola, including women and other underserved groups.

The University will have:

  • » Expert and professional international faculty with a reputation for outstanding teaching; and a collaborative approach in working with other academically rigorous, community-responsive, and skill-based degree programs and courses that effectively build capacity of students to integrate and apply knowledge and prepare them to be leaders and contribute to Angola’s overall development;
  • » Capacity and funding for cutting edge research by faculty and students that contributes to world knowledge and supports Angola’s development in the public, private, and NGO sectors;
  • » Student leaders who competitively apply to attend the University, enabling them to represent the Bié Province and Angola as a whole.

We will achieve this vision through:

  • » Recruitment and retention of faculty and administrators from Angola and other countries;
  • » Recruitment of Angola’s best students from low income communities;
  • » Competitive pay for faculty and staff;
  • » Equal representation of women in faculty, staff, and student population;
  • » Full scholarships consisting of tuition, room and board for all students;
  • » Career counseling, mentoring, and internships to connect students’ learning to leaders and projects in the wider community;
  • » University management that transparently employs best administrative practices;
  • » Collaborative partnerships with Angola’s government, businesses, and NGOs;
  • » Funding and support from national and international government, corporations, private foundations and individuals.