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Professor Brian Polkinghorn, Ph.D.
Wilson Elkins Distinguished Professor and Program Director, Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Executive Director, Center for Conflict Resolution, Salisbury University, USA

Professor Brian Polkinghorn, Ph.D.

Brian Polkinghorn, MS, MA, Ph.D. is the University System of Maryland Wilson Elkins Professor and Distinguished Professor of Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution. Since 2000 he has been the Program Director in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Executive Director of the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) at Salisbury University.

Prior to 2000, he was the senior faculty member in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Nova Southeastern University. He has worked in the conflict intervention field since 1985 as a mediator, arbitrator, facilitator, trainer, researcher, academic program developer, dispute systems designer and ombudsman. His primary research and publications are in the areas of environmental disputes, graduate program developments in the English speaking world, ADR court program assessment, evaluation of major government ADR programs.

He has practiced in over 30 countries primarily in the areas of environmental policy dispute intervention, labor-management and civil society training. Brian is alum of the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution (ICAR), George Mason University and the Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts (PARC), Syracuse University. He was also a Fellow with the Program on Negotiation (PON), Harvard University Law School, a National Fellow with the US Environmental Protection Agency and a United States Presidential Fellow. He is currently a Senior American Fulbright Scholar with the Evens Program in International Conflict and Mediation, Tel Aviv University.


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