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Professor Michael Graham, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, USA

Professor Michael Graham, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Graham is currently a Research Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University, where he has been employed since 1988. He received his PhD. in Materials Science from Northwestern University in 1974 and subsequently spent 2.5 years in England at the University of Sussex in a postdoctoral position. This was followed by 12 years in corporate research and development at the Whirlpool Corporation, and then a move to Northwestern in 1988, when the university opened a new research organization, the Basic Industry Research Laboratory.

Dr. Graham worked as a Research Scientist in the area of physical vapor deposition (coatings) until 1997, when he became the Associate Director of the Advanced Coating and Technology Group, which worked on various coating technologies and application areas for government and industrial clients. In 2001, Dr. Graham accepted a position as Research Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. His research interests include coatings and coating process technology development for a broad range of applications. Current research includes the development of wear resistant, low friction coatings for cutting tools and machine component wear applications. These coatings are designed to conserve energy, improve productivity, and reduce costs in metal fabrication and metal component performance.

Other projects include the development of improved photocatalytic metal oxide thin films that hold promise for applications from self-cleaning surfaces to the generation of hydrocarbon fuel gases through the solar initiated reaction of CO2 and water, and the development of transparent oxide coatings that reflect infrared energy while absorbing ultraviolet, with the objective of more effective control over heat input from solar radiation and thus, management of heating and cooling requirements. Dr. Graham’s interest in the environment and energy sustainability carries over into his work with SHAREcircle and its efforts to help rebuild the social and physical infrastructure in Angola.


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